General Medicine

Acclarix LX 8 (en translation)

Distinctive Design
21” tilt-and-swivel, HD wide-screen anti-glare LCD monitor
10” touch screen with gesture control user interface
Four-wheel pivot for easy maneuverability in tight spaces
Motorized height adjustment with 20-cm travel
Four active transducer ports
Down lit pull-out keyboard

Intelligent Workflow
User-customizable preset menu
Application-specific exam and imaging presets
Detail/General/Penetration & High Flow/Medium Flow/Low Flow quick-sets
Connectivity: DICOM, USB ports, Ethernet, video out, headphone and microphone jacks, PDF, AVI and BMP file export
Definitive Image Quality
Tissue Adaptive Imaging
• B-mode: automatically optimizes multiple imaging parameters to provide best possible image quality
• Color Doppler: automatically optimizes parameters to improve border detection, color fill and hemodynamic display
• Spectral Doppler: automatically optimizes parameters to improve signal to noise, spectral continuity and envelope detection
Harmonic imaging
Speckle reduction imaging
Spatial and frequency compounding

Intrinsic Quality
Premium quality design
Highly durable materials
Relentless attention to detail