Allergies and autoimmune diagnosis

How do you know if a child’s symptoms are caused by an allergy – or even several allergies? An accurate allergy diagnosis enables better management, treatment and well-being. And it can all start with a simple blood test, a powerful tool available to healthcare and laboratory professionals worldwide.

An accurate diagnosis

If you suspect allergy to be the cause of a child’s or an adult’s symptoms, the first step is to make an adequate diagnosis, based on detailed case history, clinical observation and testing for specific antibodies.

The result of these tests help to confirm a suspicion of allergy, and to determine the offending allergens, or to rule out allergy all together.

How a blood test can help you as a doctor

Ruling out allergy can be as important as confirming it. If allergy is ruled out as the cause of the symptoms, you may reduce worry and unnecessary food avoidance or medication. You can also continue to search for other causes. With an allergy blood test, you get a precise and reliable answer to a patient’s allergy profile. Which also may help you discover hidden risks, such as allergies due to cross-reactions.

The result of these tests are used to confirm a suspicion of allergy and to determine the offending allergens, or to rule out allergy all together.

Guided by the result, an individual plan to manage and treat the allergy can be tailored, in order to achieve improved quality of life and overall well-being.

Excellent lab value with reliable test results

Do you manage allergy tests in a lab? In that case, these pages will provide you with further information on our wide array of products and solutions. Resources that will help you take allergy testing to the next level and deliver excellent results with high operational efficiency