Array LaserLink

Pattern Scanning Laser Technology

Lumenis introduces Array™LaserLink™ a technologically advanced delivery system that significantly enhances standard laser treatment by providing new pattern scanning capabilities to photocoagulation lasers and considerably reducing treatment time.  Array offers a range of laser spot sizes from 50µm to 1000µm in single spot mode, 100µm to 500µm in pattern scanning mode.

Eyes Forward Control

Control and verify treatment parameters without moving from the slit lamp oculars or losing sight of the target retina

Unique Array 3D Micromanipulator 

Controls laser parameters and micromanipulation

Adjustable for left or right hand use

Heads Up Display

Confirms changes to treatment parameters

Displays text on the retina

Modified parameters are projected as text onto the retina

Intuitive Touchscreen

Fully adjustable monitor

Is easily reached and visualized for treatment set up and procedure