Djakovic Company becomes authorized distributor of Kering Eyewear for Bosnia and Herzegovina

By signing a dealership agreement for the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Djakovic has become an authorized distributor of sunglasses and renowned international brands such as:

Gucci, Saint Laurent, Cartier, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander Mc Queen, Stella McCartney, Boucheron, Pomellato, Puma, etc.

Kering Eyewear is the one and only worldwide corporation engaged in the distribution of luxury eyewear. Starting in 2014, the Kering Eyewear Company has grown steadily, thanks to the strong support of the Kering Group, an outstanding portfolio of luxury and lifestyle brands and the best team of professionals in the industry.
Kering Eyewear is part of Kering, a global luxury Group, that manages the development of a series of renowned Houses in fashion, leather goods, jewelry and watches.
Djaković said that they are proud of their partnership with Kering, and that it is a great honor to represent the biggest names of the world brands of sunglasses and prescription glasses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the same time, it is a huge obligation and a responsibility to represent these brands and to meet all the requirements they put before them.
“In a short period of time, we have established a great chain of communication with responsible persons from Kering, as well as with customers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, to whom we have repeatedly presented new collections, during the pleasant gatherings and interesting presentations, held at exclusive locations in Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Ljubljana”- pointed out from Djakovic company.


Sales and service training at Optopol Company

Optopol is a Polish company with which we have very successful cooperation, and we have been their exclusive distributor in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for a very long time.
Optopol has constructed the world’s first commercially available spectral OCT. This product line has since been continuously developed and the company is currently among the leading players in the OCT market.
Launching of new products and the continuous improvement of existing ones, obliges us to train our employees regularly.
In this regard, our staff participated in the training course in Zawiercie, where during the five-day seminar, they gained new knowledge and experience related to the world’s fastest OCT device in the world REVO NX 130.
It is important that, prior to launching a new product in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have a trained staff who fully knows all the features of the device. Our service department should be able to repair and eliminate any technical problems and device breakdowns, as rapidly as possible.
Therefore, it is essential that the employees of our company continuously visit our business partners and suppliers and acquire new knowledge, in the field of sales and servicing of medical devices.


Financial support for Mrvice Association

As in previous years, the “Mrvice” Association organized the charity action ‘Ljubičasti novembar’, with the aim of supporting prematurely born babies. The main objective is to raise funds for the purchase of photocoagulation laser.
Like last year, the Djakovic Company gladly accepted the Association’s invitation to participate in this action, and donated an appropriate amount of money to the Association.
A charity evening for these little angels, will take place on November 27, at the Hotel Bosna – Piano Bar.
“As we pointed out last year, we consider this action a high priority, and we urge all citizens to call humanitarian number 1415, because it is necessary to raise as many funds as possible to buy a laser.
The Djakovic company will always respond to the invitation of the “Mrvice” Association, because it is, above all, our human duty towards these tiny and brave fighters”. – said Suncica Kovacevic, owner of the Djakovic Company.


Djakovic company has been awarded, by Human Optics, for outstanding results in 2018

Suncica Kovacevic, owner of the Djakovic company, received the Outstanding Business Performance Award during the ESCRS Congress, held in Paris. The award was presented by General Manager Pierre Billardon, who thanked the company Djakovic for the results achieved and the promotion of the Human Optics brand, which is the manufacturer and distributor of premium intraocular lenses. This is a very significant recognition for the company, who is also the oldest distributor of this renowned German company.
Addressing the management of Human Optics, Suncica Kovacevic said that this award is an incentive for a further promotion of the brand, with the aim of achieving even better results on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She added that quality has no alternative, and that is why they are cooperating with the German company Human Optics.
HumanOptics is a German company that manufactures and distribute superior intraocular implant solutions. All business processes take place in Germany, which ensures the highest quality with maximum product safety.
Human Optics premium implants are available in more than 40 countries worldwide.


Support to the Association of Medical Biochemists of Republic of Srpska

In accordance with its business policy, Djakovic Company has decided to support financially the XVI Expert Meeting of the Association of Medical Biochemists of Republic of Srpska, which will be held on Jahorina from 13th to 15th September 2019.

“We are pleased to support scientific and professional work in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology and other related biomedical and natural sciences, and research programs of particular importance. Djakovic company will continue to support such projects in the future, as the support to the institutions of science is of local as well as global importance, “said Sunčica Kovačevic, owner of the Djakovic company.


Cooperation with Coca – Cola Company

“Voda Olimpija”, owned by Coca-Cola Company, launched the project “Let’s Support the babies born before 37 week of pregnancy”.
The aim of the project is to raise public awareness of the importance of creating the safest conditions for the care of premature born babies, as well as the purchase and donation of necessary treatment devices and equipment to regional clinical centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are thankful to their representatives for choosing us to be their partner in the project of donation of monitors and pulse oximeters to the University Clinical Center Tuzla.

In thirty years of experience, we have repeatedly participated in similar actions, and it is a special pleasure to be a part of an action aimed at supporting premature born children.

Company Đaković d.o.o. will continue to support similar actions and initiate similar projects, in cooperation with partners, with social responsibility orientation and mission to invest in the local community.


Visit to the partnership company MIR from Italy

Djakovic Company has always considered that continuous education of employees contributes to the development of the company’s business, that trained and qualified workers are able to solve all assignments successfully, and manage daily business, without problems.
In relation to that, representatives of our Company visited beautiful city of Rome, where they participated in sales and technical training at the premises of the partner company MIR.
At the same time, the company’s management, held several meetings with MIR’s key people, during which the strategy for improving the existing cooperation was clearly defined.
A very pleasant gathering in relaxing atmosphere, complemented with famous Italian cuisine, was cherry on the cake.
MIR has been in the international market for 25 years and is present in more than 90 countries. It is recognized and well known for numerous inventions and innovations, in the field of spirometry, oximetry and telemedicine.
We came back home, with beautiful impressions, and with the promise that we will surely come back next year, as it is well known that “all roads lead to Rome”.



From 5-7 April, 2nd Pediatric Congress, with international participation, was held at Health Spa Center “Banja Vrućica”. The Congress was attended by 160 doctors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. Twenty-two lectures were held, and lecturers were eminent professors of pediatrics from Serbia, Croatia, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Republic of Srpska. The main topic of this meeting is investing in children’s health, in order to take measures that will improve the quality and organization of child health care.

Company Djaković introduced innovations to the participants – a warm baby bed, manufactured by the Swedish company Kanmed. Previously, company Djakovic participated in a humanitarian action, organized by The Association of Parents of premature born children in Republic of Srpska “Mrvice”, and donated a warm bed to the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska.

Participants in the congress were also presented a diaphanascope, a device that detects the venous and arterial blood vessels below the skin surface, which is particularly significant in pediatric patients.
“We introduced a new generation of warm beds to medical staff. These beds become irreplaceable in pediatrics and neonatal care in Western countries. We hope that hospitals and public health institutions will find a way to finance the purchase of warm beds, since that equipment shortens the time of recovery of prematurely born children, “said Suncica Kovacevic, the owner of Djakovic company from Banja Luka.



Another campaign, “Violet November”, has been successfully completed. All funds collected during the campaign in November 2018 were invested in the purchase of Baby Warmers for premature babies. The Association of Parents of premature born children in Republic of Srpska “Mrvice” in November 2018 finalized another successful campaign, in which they collected money for the purchase of warm cribs for preterm infants. Since the process of summarizing the results of the campaign and the supplier’s invention, lasted longer, all activities have been finally completed and 9 Warm baby beds for premature babies will be delivered today in Banja Luka. One Warm bed will be delivered to the hospital in Istocno Sarajevo.

“We are grateful to all institutions and companies that supported our project. We especially want to thank all the citizens who, by calling for a humanitarian code, donated funds and who recognized the importance of our association, “said Danka Mirjanić, President of the Association.

These Warm baby beds will be set up for the first time at the UKC RS and full support to the Association was provided by the supplier – company “Đaković doo”. Owners of this company donated one warm bed and also pointed out that, they will continue to support the work of the “Mrvice” Association.

So far, the Association “Mrvice” has realized many important campaigns and activities. In addition to helping the hospitals and the clinical center, their work also focuses on helping families whose children are still undergoing treatment and rehabilitation.

“Unfortunately, many premature babies are followed by a series of health complications and diagnosis, and we are here to give them support. Different kind of exercises and physiotherapy treatments for these babies takes a very long time, and in the following period we will consider what legal actions can be taken, in order to extend the period of maternity leave for mothers of premature babies, “said Danka.